A Look at a Flexible Packaging Company: Flexipak

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Flexipak Team | Posted on Tue, 05/14/2013 - 00:16
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Flexipak, a flexible packaging company located in Quebec, designs, manufactures, and ships a wide range of flexible packaging products – from stand up pouches to three-seal bags that exhibit custom printing graphics – to industries in Canada and the United States.

Founded in the 1990’s, Flexipak employs the best certified packaging professionals to create packaging for industries ranging from food processing, pet foods, and bottling and canning, to horticulture and pharmaceuticals. The 40,000-square-foot production facility in Montreal, Quebec takes advantage of several key production methods to service these industries.

This article will examine how Flexipak and its team of certified packaging professionals produce stand up pouches, polybags, and other flexible packaging products as a Canadian flexible packaging company operating in the 21st century.

Stand Up Pouch Flexipak’s Production Processes

To produce the products it delivers in the most efficient and cost-saving manner possible, Flexipak utilizes two important industrial production processes. These two processes have helped the flexible packaging company streamline operations and create natural efficiencies that decrease manufacturing time and assist in passing savings along to clients.

One process is called “lean manufacturing”. This is the doctrine of eliminating as much waste as possible from the entire production process, focusing on economizing the consumption of energy, labor, and resources to ensure they are directed solely to the end product.

Another production process is called the 5S method.  This method originated in Japan and is used by many large corporations across the globe.  The idea is to organize a workspace to create an environment for certified packaging professionals that is not only safe, but efficient and optimally productive as well. The five steps are sorting, setting in order, systematically cleaning, standardizing, and sustaining processes. 

By following both of these processes, a flexible packaging company like Flexipak can ensure consistent quality. Creating stand up pouches, for example, ensures that one batch of stand up pouches meets the same exacting standards as every other batch of stand up pouches produced.

Certified Packaging Professionals

Flexipak also employs certified packaging professionals who have been fully trained and credentialed in the packaging industry’s best practices.  This is important because many packaging products interact with food items. A faulty or compromised manufacturing process could potentially contaminate food products consumed by humans or animals.

To avoid this and other hazards, industry certifications were created. Perhaps the most well-known certification is the HACCP PACsecure standard created by The Packaging Association. Companies who hold this certification – like Flexipak – have processes that ensure safe products.

Today, Flexipak and its team of packaging professionals continue to work toward innovating the packaging industry with new products, like its Press-Lok® closure created in conjunction with Velcro®. The future of packaging is in using new materials in new ways for better results, and Flexipak is looking toward that future.

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